TSK's Series 6000 Modular Master Intercom

6048-RA Rack Mounted Master

The Series 6000 Modular Master has been a staple in the TSK product line for many years. It was designed to provide the integrator with a simple modular approach to building up an intercom system.

It can be described in just a few words.......

Superb audio clarity • Rugged metal construction • Advanced solid state design • Rack or desk mounting • Station capacity from 6 to 96+ • Standard or Parallel Annunciator operation • Totally modular • Field expandable • UL Listed power supply • Internal thermal and short circuit protection • Simple one-touch pushbutton operation • Programmable 45 Ω or 25 Volt operation • Unlimited inter-master communication • Built in group/all call feature (opt) • Unique ALC (automatic level control) circuitry • CCTV call up (opt) • LED indicators • Recurring call tone • Conference calling • Telephone handset (opt) • Remote speaker, microphone, and foot switch jacks • Remote selection control • Busy station monitoring • Preannounce tones (opt) • Programmable high power output • Recorder jack output • Replaces obsolete Teletalk Series 2800/4600 masters • Replaces obsolete Ektacom G Series masters • Replaces other manufacturers direct select intercom with minimal existing field device modification • Add TSK SDR’s for Audio Surveillance System • Can be connected to remote speaker stations (up to 15) over Fiber, Tie line, twisted pair, Network or RF with TSK’s TLA Specialized Communication Links • Long service life • plus more………..

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