Microprocessor Controlled Intercom

TSK MAP-701/M Master Audio Panel

The TSK MAP-701/M Master Audio Panel provides the foundation for building high quality intercom systems. Its advanced features give the System Integrator greater flexibility not found in other products on the market. An internal 3" x 5" speaker, Volume Control, Talk Button and Hands Free Button provide a completely functional intercom amplifier in a 3 ½" x 19" rack space. Speaker station selection can be accomplished manually using a TSK SP-625 Station Selector Panel or automatically using a Programmable Logic Controller, Audio Follower, or the family of TSK MSP-625 Micro Selector Panels.

The 15 watt amplifiers solid state design including internal thermal and short circuit protection and is capable of working with 45 ohm or 25 Volt speaker stations. The ALC (Automatic Level Control) Circuit insures a consistent level in both directions. A special interface circuit permits unlimited master to master communication between the MAP's. Unlike other systems, more than one master can communicate with a single speaker station at once. The Monitoring Circuit allows the operator to listen in to a conversation between another master and speaker station by selecting the speaker station.

Recording of the communication between master and remote speaker is possible at the Tape Out terminal. The output level is constant due to the amplifiers ALC stage.

The Incoming (RX) and Outgoing (TX) volume controls can be replaced with Digital Volume Control Modules TSK DVC-2A for PLC or other remote control of the amplifier levels.

All Field Wiring is connected through Terminal Strip Plugs: Power; Mic (with Phantom Power); Phone (speaker); Footswitch; TX-DVC; RX-DVC; All Page Amplifier; Tape Out; Main Harness; and Indicators.

A TSK PAX Amplifier Module in 60 Watt, 125 Watt or 250 Watt size can be plugged in to the master amplifier for All or Group Paging applications.

Micro 600 Institutional Intercom

75 Station Single Master with All Page

The TSK Micro 600 is a modular designed intercom system for institutional applications that can be remotely controlled using a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with a Graphic User Interface (GUI). Each Micro 600 system has a capacity of up to 1600 Stations (64 Selector Banks) and 64 Masters. Multiple systems can be interconnected for unlimited capacity.

Master to master, multiple masters to remote, and remote to master configurations including Group and All Call make this the obvious choice for system integrators. Unlike other microprocessor based systems, the Micro 600 has 100% trunkage. 

Controlling the selector banks can be either PLC Point to Point (open collector output) or via RS-232. A string of 5 characters is all that is required to control any function of the Micro 600 using the RS-232. The simple control scheme makes this system a breeze to integrate.

If you’re searching for a flexible institutional intercom system with great features and outstanding audio, look no further

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MSP-625 Selector Panel

The TSK MSP-625-PLC Micro Selector Panel provides the basis of a high quality direct select intercom as part of a larger PLC controlled system for institutional and correctional applications. A TSK MAP-601/M or 701/M Master Audio Panel and TSK PAX 60/125/250 All Page Amplifier is used with the MSP-625-PLC Selector Panel to provide a complete modular intercommunication system.

Toggling the ports ON-OFF , All Page, Select Reset and Call Release is through a momentary sinking (5 – 10mSec) output from the PLC (opto coupler or open collector). A special Page function requires a steady sink from the PLC permitting a smaller number of selected stations to be grouped for a one way page. The Master Audio Panel is controlled by the MSP, so no extra programming is needed for the PLC.

Adding the –PP and –SP module to the MSP permit multiple masters to be connected together so calls to one master show up at the other masters. Selecting a calling station at one of the masters releases the call at all other masters saving extra programming to the PLC.

Field wiring is via 50 pin Champ connectors, one is provided for the Voice Pairs, one for Call Button input and a third for the connection to the PLC. The 25th Port can be used for either the Home Line Input for master to master communication or a speaker selection port. 25 Volt or 45 ohm Speaker Stations may be used depending on the application The panel requires only one standard EIA 19” Rack Unit (1 3/4” x 19”). The front panel is a Black Textured Powder Coat.

TSK PAX 60/125/250 All Page Amplifier

The TSK PAX 60/125/250 are high fidelity commercial audio power amplifiers capable of delivering 60/125/250 watts of continuous RMS power into a direct 4-8 ohm or transformer isolated 25V and 70.7V lines. The PAX 60/125/250 are designed for multiple uses. They offer a balanced 600 ohm/Tel-Page input that is capable of muting the two auxiliary inputs. The 600 ohm/Tel-Page level is controlled via an independent tamper resistant control. Signals fed into the 600 ohm/Tel-Page input automatically mutes the Hi-Z input. (The auto mute feature is defeat able for those applications not requiring it.)

All of the PAX Series amplifiers offer a 3 year Warrantee and complete means of protection. Short circuit, current restricting protection for the outputs, peak overload, thermal circuit breaker, which protects against both AC current and thermal runaway, and an output relay which eliminates any annoying turn on pop and also protects the output from receiving DC.