Remote Speaker Stations


Series 100 Cast Aluminum Remote Speaker Stations

The Series 100 Cast Aluminum Remote Speaker Stations come standard in  2 or 3 gang sizes. They have an extremely high resistance to corrosion and heavy impact while offering superb audio clarity with a very stylish appearance, unlike our competitions plastic stations. Basic units are available for indoor, outdoor and tamper proof applications. Multiple options and speaker impedances permit these stations to be configured to work in other manufacturers systems.

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Series 200 Vandal Proof Speaker Stations

The Series 200 Vandal Proof Speaker Stations are constructed entirely of stainless steel, unlike other stations that use cold roll steel or  zinc die cast in their assembly. They were designed specifically for the security industry.  These rugged speaker stations have a smooth clean appearance, but can handle abusive environment. The 2 1/2" speaker used in this series, has a special Sealed Linear Design protecting the speaker from ferrous and non-ferrous particles. With a wide operating temperature range and resistance to water, this station still provides outstanding audio performance. An offset, perforated 14 gauge stainless steel baffle further protects the speaker from liquids, open flame and physical abuse.

The Series 200 stations are available in various sizes beyond the standard 2 or 3 gang models. They have been fabricated to fit existing back boxes, simplifying your retrofit projects.

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The 400 Series  Cast Aluminum Intercom Speaker is a rugged, free standing/bracket mountable 4" speaker system that offers superb sound quality and stylish appearance.  By changing the basic configuration of the speaker and housing, it is suitable for use with many intercom systems on the market in applications ranging from office areas to hostile manufacturing environments. The 400 is only available on special order. 

The 2077-010/25 was fabricated to replace a Dukane/Atlas-Soundolier Station. It is based on the 200 Series Vandal Proof Speaker construction and fits on the existing Atlas-Soundolier back box. The replacement of obsolete or special speaker station configurations is common practice at TSK.

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HS52 Handset Station
Ceiling Speaker
16 Watt Horn Speaker

The TSK HS52 Remote Handset Station comes in two configurations: Lifting the handset cuts off the local speaker or  Lifting the handset places a call to the master. The remote handset is available in 25 Volt or 45 ohm impedance. It comes with a standard coil cord or vandal resistant armored cable.

The Remote Ceiling Speakers come as either 4" or 8" speaker sizes. The baffle can be  metal or plastic  in 25 Volt  or 45 ohm  impedance and includes the back can.

The 16 Watt Horn speaker is designed for noise penetration and speech clarity and comes in 25 Volt  or 45 ohm impedance. Its construction is weather and corrosion resistant using stainless steel fasteners and engineering grade UV resistant thermoplastic.

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All TSK Remote Speaker Stations can be modified to fit your application. A variety of speaker impedances, indicators and control options are available. The Series 200 Stations can be Custom fabricated to fit virtually any existing back box.

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