SDR Sound Detection Relay Modules

SD-RA Card Rack with 25 SDR Sound Detection Relay Cards

The TSK SDR Sound Detection Relay Module is an integral part of a modular Audio Surveillance System using existing intercom speakers as microphones without affecting the operation of the host system.

The Detector Module comes in two basic forms, the SDR-C or SDR-D.

The SDR-C is available in several configurations permitting it to be used with a TSK, Dukane, Kalatel, Fisher Berkley or Teletalk system. The SDR-D has several configurations that permit it to be used with a TSK, Aiphone, Bogen, Dukane, Rauland, Telecor, TOA or Valcom system. Little or no modification is required to the master for proper operation. The modules are transparent to the operation of the intercom. Each system is assembled per zone.

The unique detection process of the TSK SDR, reduces the nuisance alarm rate using multiple means of sound discrimination (level, frequency, occurrence and time). Once the SDR module is adjusted, its operation becomes automatic.

This IS NOT a threshold type detector (VOX) like the competitions.

Rack mounted card cages are available in 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 slot sizes. The racks are expandable in the field.

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