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All Remote Speaker Stations have the ability to connect to a TSK Master Intercom through various means. When the application arises where no cable exists, the cable has been trashed or running a new twisted pair cable out to the remote station is too expensive, TSK has the answer. Whether there's fiber, a leased telephone pair or a network connection, the TSK TLA Specialized Communication family of products can get you where you need you be.

The basic TLA-1C Telephone Line Amplifier is used where the distance between the master and remote station extend beyond the normal operating range of a standard master (1500' on two 22 gauge twisted pairs). Using a single 22 gauge twisted pair or leased telephone pair, 10 miles is the norm.  Audio (simplex), call in and remote control are standard features.

With fiber optics more prevalent in security systems, the TSK TLA-5C/4W-FO Remote Intercom Amplifier provides high quality audio through a basic bi-directional fiber interface. Many video links include this basic audio connection in the modules. Using TSK's family of burst controllers and this basic audio link, up to 15 remote speaker stations can be accessed on a single fiber. Other companies require an  expensive interface module for each remote station driving up system costs.

One of the oldest means of interconnecting telephone toll centers is a 4 wire circuit with E and M signaling. Being conditioned, distance is unlimited. Like fiber the TSK TLA-5C/4W-EM Remote Intercom Amplifier provides high quality audio through this unique link. With TSK's family of burst controllers up to 15 remote speaker stations are addressable.

With VoIP being the latest advancement in communication, TSK is ready. Using our NEW TSK TLA-5C/4W-IP Remote Intercom Amplifier, connectivity on a local network or over the internet is possible. Each link can include up to 15 remote stations, keeping the overall cost down.

The TSK TLA-5C/4W-RF is used on a two way RF link. The same great features as Fiber, IP and Tie line links are available.

All TSK TLA Specialized Communication Amplifiers are rated conservatively at 5 watts and can be wired for 20 ohm, 45 ohm or 25 Volt operation. Each TLA Unit features a special ALC amplifier stage to insure maximum intelligibility under the most extreme conditions.

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