Telephone Intercom


EconoPhone - Simple one way ring down operation for customer service applications. Multiple Remote Handsets can be used with a single Master. The basic TSK EP-1 EconoPhone system includes a Master Phone, Remote Phone and Power Transformer.

VisitCom - Visitation phone system for use in the correctional market. The handsets are built on  2 gang stainless steel plates including an armored handset cable with wire lanyard. One inmate and two visitors handsets can be connected to each Battery Feed Circuit. The Battery Feed Circuit provides a clean, clear audio path between handsets and is isolated from other handset circuits.

BusCom - The BusCom Telephone Intercom is a two way ring down intercom designed to be used in vehicles similar to a correctional bus (front to back). It is specifically made for 12Volt operation.

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