Series 6000 Modular Master Intercom

The TSK Series 6000 Modular Master is a Digitaly Controlled Direct Select Intercom with flexibility to adapt to a world of applications. Rugged all metal construction insure a very long life in either desk top or rack mounting. System Capacity ranges from 6 to 96+ stations in both standard and parallel operation. (more)

This family is compatible with the TSK SDR Sound Detection Modules and TLA Specialized Communication Products

50 Station unit with Paging

Series 600 Institutional Intercom

The TSK Series 600 Institutional System is a Modular Manual direct select intercom for use in small Schools, Jails and Prisons where ruggedness and reliability is important. This series include features not available from other manufacturers. (more)

These systems are compatible with the TSK SDR Sound Detection Modules and TLA Specialized Communication Products

75 Station with All Paging shown

PLC controlled Institutional Intercom Systems

The TSK Micro 600 Institutional Intercom System and components provide the system designer with the ability to build robust communication systems controlled with a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) microprocessor system and GUI (Graphic User Interface). Whether using a generic relay selector board or our Micro Selector Banks system flexibility is unlimited. (more)

These systems are compatible with the TSK SDR Sound Detection Modules and TLA Specialized Communication Products


Audio Surveillance

By utilizing the existing intercom speaker stations, TSK's SDR Sound Detection Relay Modules eliminate the need for extra microphones, mixers, speakers, boxes, switch banks, relay panels and wires to the field. There are no hidden installation costs. The modules are compatible with many other intercom systems with little or no modifications required to the master. Its function is designed to be transparent to the intercoms operation. (more)

The unique detection process reduces the nuisance alarm rate by multiple means of sound discrimination (level, frequency, occurrence and time). Once the SDR is adjusted, its operation becomes automatic. This IS NOT a threshold detector like the competitions.


TLA Specialized Communication Links

Whether it's Fiber, Tie line, Telephone leased pair, Extended twisted pairs, Radio or IP network, TSK has a means of connecting Remote Speaker Stations to any TSK Master using the TLA Specialized Communication line of linking products. (more)

Using the 16R and 16LT family of DTMF Burst Controllers, up to 15 stations can be accessed through a single link. At the remote end is our robust 5 Watt Intercom Amplifier providing you with power to spare.

VisitCom Handset

Telephone Intercom Systems

From Visitation Phone Systems for Jails and Prisons to Customer Service Phones at the local supermarket, TSK has a simple answer to provide communications.  Our VisitCom, BusCom and Econophone systems provide the basis for reliable communication on a budget. (more)

TSK provides replacements for other companies obsolete systems.

1X1 Amplifier
EconoCom Universal Intercom Amplifier

The EconoCom One to One Intercom Amplifier was designed for those applications where a standard intercom does not fit. This unit along with our wide variety of speaker stations, relay modules, control panels, etc., permit you to build a system for your specific needs. (more)

Being modular in design, you only purchase the parts that you need. This powerful and flexible intercom amplifier leaves the others in the dust.

202-010 Vandal Proof Station

Speaker Stations

TSK's Speaker Stations come in a variety of configurations. The Cast Aluminum and Stainless Steel Speakers provide high resistance to corrosion and heavy impact while offering superb sound quality and stylish appearance. They are available for indoor, weatherproof, tamper resistant and vandal proof applications. Fitting standard 2 or 3 gang back boxes, each station can include various options to comply with your application. (more)

Special configurations and sizes are available to fit non standard back boxes.

Other Remote Stations

Other Remote Stations are available for our systems including handsets, horn speakers, ceiling speakers, seperate call buttons, etc. Let us provide you with the ideal remote station.(more)